‘Unhuman’ is the 5-track electro EP signed by Star Noir, with which the artist tells the story of an AI waking up and becoming conscious of the fact it is something different from the world around it.

Through feelings of anger and frustration, the songs that make up ‘Unhuman’ follow this realization, weaving it both musically and thematically with an unexpected development, until it ends with the last track, where the AI chooses to terminate itself, rather than continue to damage those that surround it.

Closely related to the journey and struggles around mental health, addiction, and suicide that Star Noir had to face in the past, ‘Unhuman’ represents a new beginning for the artist; as he explains to us: “I have been making music for 3 years now and I started from scratch with no previous knowledge and I started to help myself get out of a very dark period of my life. I have found it has helped other looking at all the messages and comments I have got, which makes it all worthwhile.”

With its 5 great little gems, ‘Unhuman’ represents an unmissable listening experience of instrumental electronic cinematic music, infused in immersive moody and permeating trip-hop glitch atmospheres.

Listen now to ‘Unhuman’ by Star Noir, and find out more about his music, checking the links below:

Star Noir // Unhuman - EP cover
Star Noir // Unhuman - EP cover