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Rising on the crest of the EDM wave is artist Star Goes Nova, out with Phat Barbella, the single following her self-titled debut EP.

Los Angeles space queen Christine Law took off with her self-titled debut EP, Star Goes Nova, out on May 19, 2022.

Christine, is a music composer, sound engineer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who creates epic Neoclassical Electronica stories that combine real instruments with EDM sonics.

As a bassist, Christine Law toured and recorded with Martha Davis of The Motels, Jan Kuehnemunde, Grammy-winning producer John Baffa, and platinum songwriters Suzanne Paris and David Holster.

As Star Goes Nova, Law released her first single di lei in November 2020 amidst the loss of both parents, a fire, and the pandemic.

The epidermal sequel to her creative vision finds perfect synthesis in the recent single titled Phat Barbella.

Drum & Bass lines, Lo-Fi electronic atmospheres, Cinematic crests, and Sci-Fi horizons, with Phat Barbella Star Goes Nova continues to feed her Space Opera with mesmeric and intriguing intention.

Christine said that the track “takes Jane Fonda’s 1968 classic Barbarella into a dubstep psychedelic future.” The space opera movie genre was the main influence on this “retro party in zero-g.”

An immersive cauldron of intergalactic new-age electro music, Phat Barbella is the perfect stargate to enter the Star Goes Nova universe.

Listen now to Phat Barbarella, the latest Single by Star Goes Nova, available in streaming on SoundCloud.

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Star Goes Nova - Phat Barbarella
Star Goes Nova - Phat Barbarella