Deep loving dedication. Three words, apparently simple but full of deep meaning, within which we want to contain all the essence of "Spurlin", an album its author had the right intuition to name after himself.

6: the years dedicated to its realization. 3: the months spent recording inside Spurlin's small closet. 10: the tracks selected from a wider range. These are the numbers that outline the tenacious vision towards which Spurlin wanted to bring the final result of this album, that we perceive as exquisitely autobiographical, as the title suggests.

With this album written, recorded, mixed and produced all by himself, this talented artist creates splendid sound sets. The musical narration has such a development that it takes you by the hand and gives you the right dose of confidence to open wide wings you probably didn’t even think you had, and it makes you soar in flight.

It’s a poetic flight over Spurlin‘s musical world and the way he chooses to offer us a splendid insight into his feelings.

Through formidable successions in an ever-changing balance, Spurlin gives us 10 songs, one more formidable than the other, that make shine his deep and heartfelt sentiment, the exquisite balance between the peculiar colors of the arrangements, and the genuine and sincere musical delivery, that’s almost disarming in the way it is able to put you in touch with the message it conveys.

And all this wealth of details is offered to us with a grace, gentleness, care and consistency that are extraordinarily penetrating. Their never-exaggerated sum is a sort of subtle, luminous thread that sinuously and subtly runs throughout the album. While the tracks of “Spurlin” flow harmoniously, this common thread changes and vibrates, sometimes almost imperceptibly.

Sometimes it brightens, sometimes it darkens, other times it varies slightly in color, or perhaps even in shape. All that is enough to give each song a sort of aura of magic that distinguishes it from the others, enhancing its identity, but without ever distorting the delicate and magnificent balance that permeates the entire album.

The exception that proves the rule is the final track “(Noise)“, a real creative digression that leads to a sort of brainstorming. It’s almost a reflection of Spurlin‘s creative multitude and sounds like an anticipation of the drifts to which he is giving shape and color, whose identity he is seeking.

Spurlin” is an incredibly expressive release that touched us in the deepest part of our emotions, giving us an unforgettable listening experience. Something that we will definitely carry with us for a long, long time.

In order to get to know Spurlin‘s creative vision from the inside, we caught up with him for a short interview. We are looking forward to publishing the answers as soon as possible.

In the meanwhile listen the latest self-titled album from Spurlin, which is available on Spotify [ here ] and Apple Music [ here ]. And to keep in touch with him, check his socials: Instagram [ here ] and Facebook [ here ].