So this alternative rockers show their pictorial and sensitive side, with a very unique take, made of musical finesse and conveyed emotions.

Without having anything to do with the cliché sappy breakup song, ‘City Lights’ moves between musical twists and turns paired with lyrics that paint a vivid picture of a reflective state of mind. From airy, dreamlike verses to distorted guitar intrusions, the track flows into an emotional chorus with the relatable catchy hooks “Oh, these City Lights, burning bright enough to feel the cold grip on my heart.”

If that’s not enough here comes a bridge that elevates the song even further, with a full choir drenched in reverb which leads to a compelling lyrical guitar solo.

Spirits Republic have more content coming out into the summer months, together with the music video for their next single titled ‘On and Bound’, to which they are putting the finishing touches.

Spirits Republic // City Lights - single cover
Spirits Republic // City Lights - single cover

‘City Lights’ is available for streaming on Spotify, along with an official lyric video, on Spirits Republic Youtube channel.

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