With help and collaboration from friends and fellow musicians at PRO TON Studios, where the single was recorded, SOUTHDOGROCK brings us a new release that is part of the charity project in support of the Off Road Kids foundation.

Emotionally vibrant, captivating and stimulating, the latest SOUTHDOGROCK work demonstrates once again the quality of the productions with which he is making a name for himself on the music scene. Rich and dynamic, the song throbs and pulses energetically, driven by a scratchy verve of genuine rock, mounting in a crescendo chorus that first makes a shiver run down your spine, and then pulls you in like few others with its uplifting choruses.

Written, arranged and produced in an impeccable way, here what gives the song that accomplishment of genius and brilliance, that allows it to catapult the musical message with the communicative power of an unstoppable surface-to-air missile, is the synergy fueled by the talent of the various artists who took part in the recording.

And it would be an unparalleled mistake and a wrong to the beauty of this song itself not to mention them all.

Here, next to the lead vocals by Florian Döppert we find: Dominik Göpf (rhythm and lead guitar), Salva Balbo (acoustic and lead guitar), Rolf Goerke (bass guitar), Frank Schultz (keyboards and programming). The background vocals by Andrea Döppert, Ute Brätschkus, Jürgen Brätschkus, Jürg Weber are the icing on the cake, with their 4 voices singing like a complete gospel choir!

SOUTHDOGROCK // The Street - single cover

The release of ‘The Street’ is accompanied by a short comic, which underlines the importance of the theme of the song.

“We aim to raise more funds for homeless young adults and street kids in Germany. So far we could donate with our GoFundme campaign about 750€ to the Off Road Kids Foundation. The social critical lyrics describe the situation of homeless youth in rich countries like ours.”

So SOUTHDOGROCK introduces us to the social theme of ‘The Street’, to then go on illustrating the details of the fundraising project:

“The participating musicians and singers waive their fees and support the project with their skills. Without this voluntary support, the quality of the pieces of music would not be possible. Fifty percent of each sponsorship, from our fundraising campaign, will be spent to cover the production costs of the next song. The other fifty percent will be donated to the Off Road Kids foundation, which aim is to create prospects for street children and young homeless people in Germany.”

What we have here is a great rock song with an important social message to support a more than commendable charitable initiative – listen now to ‘The Street’, the latest single from SOUTHDOGROCK, and find out more about his music and the fundraising campaign, checking the links below: