Soundstream is a HandsUp Eurodance band from Kiev, Ukraine, founded by Denis Timish and Alexander Bulanov, currently formed by singer Ann Pazyura, rapper MC Yuriy Muktarov and keyboardist, producer and singer Denis Timish.

Their recording career began in 2008, with the release of their first song entitled “Feels Like Heaven“. Behind them already boast various successes. In 2016 their song “We Got The Sound” was named “Best Dance Song” at the Akademia Music Awards in Los Angeles, California. They signed with the German dance music label DMN Records, home of many 90s dance music stars. Their first music video for the single “Reach A Star” became one of the most popular videos on MVUA.

At the beginning of 2018 they released the album “Way To The Stars“, followed by 4 singles including “Back Once Again“, which reached the first place in the Spanish top-100 of iTunes, and “Time To Fly” with which they won the Akademia Music Awards for the second time. The same year the “Summer Nights” video was broadcast on MTV USA.

Their most recent work “New Day” has just been released on February 7th, accompanied by a collection of 7 remixes, made by Ukrainian and world DJs, including Dolls, T-Zhuk, Remundo and Bmonde. “New Day” is made in an original style, combining a modern 80’s style infused sound, including a rap part sung in the Ukrainian language.

Listen now to “New Day“, the latest single from Soundstream, which is available on Spotify [ here ] and Youtube [ here ].

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Soundstream // “New Day” - cover
Soundstream // “New Day” - cover