Follow SOS LO, rising and growing on the wake of the current hip-hop wave, with ‘Cobra Kai’.

SOS LO, a young hip-hop music artist, is one who undeniably has a personal style and incisiveness in spades. Determined and focused, it is easy to imagine he’s already a source of inspiration for other young musicians, drawn in, straight to that roller coaster that is today’s hip-hop scene, by the exciting works that SOS LO has released previously.

As he himself says, SOS LO had to overcome many challenges to reach the place in the sun that he has carved out for himself in the world of music.

Immersed in this world from a young age, SOS LO seeks to leave an indelible mark in the world, both of music and beyond.

At the time of this piece’s publication, his Spotify profile counts just under 90K monthly listeners, while his previous projects, that have amassed hundreds of thousands of plays, are aiming for the upside.

If you still don’t know SOS LO, the best entry points to get in touch with his vision and creativity are his Instagram profile and his music, starting with his most recent ‘Heartthrob Pulse Stoppers (Htps) Vol. 1’ , EP from which we have picked the bouncing hip-hop banger ‘Cobra Kai’.

A great access point to discover SOS LO’s music and undoubtedly a track destined to become one of his top songs, you can find ‘Cobra Kai’ also on NOVA ERA, our multi genre playlist featuring on a weekly rotation all the artists covered by Nova Music blog.

So, to know more about SOS LO and his music, find and follow him all over the web by checking the links below:

Listen now to ‘Cobra Kai’, SOS LO track off of his latest EP ‘Heartthrob Pulse Stoppers (Htps) Vol. 1’, featuring ZillaKami. Find and stream it, on all the major digital platforms, via

.: Nova Music blog // August 2020