Sophie Dorsten is going to release her new single titled ‘Tomorrow’, announced for May 15, 2020.

We recently had the opportunity to preview the song. Here is a brief anticipation.

Sophie’s new issue is a delicate pop poem, deeply infused in an evocative acoustic atmosphere. The pattern and acoustic arpeggio of the rhythmic guitars accompany us  through the whole song, while the dynamics of the track grows along the way, with the addition of percussion and keys from the second verse, bringing us to an uplifting pinnacle.

Here we find an exquisite homogeneity and balance, both in the performances and in the mix, so much that the track sounds almost like a live recording. The sense of completion, compensation and respect between arrangement and voice is the icing on the cake, while Sophie comes to us with all the emotional load she brings, moving us with her voice.

A truly valuable quality production, which maintains all the nuances of the composition, making bloom that touch of genuineness that’s typical of a live performance and makes every listening a unique one.

Sophie Dorsten’s ‘Tomorrow’ will be available on all major streaming services on May 15th. To not miss its release, stay tuned with Sophie Dorsten by visiting the following links:

Sophie Dorsten - Tomorrow - single cover
Sophie Dorsten // Tomorrow - single cover