Hovering between subtle guitar lines and mellow vocals, the verses that Sophie adorns with her performance develop one after the other in the same cyclical way the day naturally follows the night. The touch with which she accompanies every single syllable of her poetic lyrics renders a truly touching expressive density.

It is an expressive and communicative power that Bernice expertly juggles, with technique and transport, note after note, breath after breath. The suspensions and expectations that interchange with the magnificent phrasing that unfolds from the first note, hover as expressive entities with their own life.

And all this richness of nuances comes to us simply from that weak and delicate caressing breath given by the voice of Sophie, that amiably marries with masterfully tailored and performed arrangements to uniquely create the musical delivery of the entire album. Here the work done on the sound design is of the highest level. Refinement is what led Bernice to choose to record some of the EP’s tracks live in the deepest chamber of the Williamsons Tunnels in Liverpool.

Gem among other gems is undoubtedly the lead single ‘Serve my soul’. The song stands out for Sophie’s vibrant personal transport. Once again, there’s nothing random here, since, as the artist says, “this song is about a tendency I used to have to put people I loved on a pedestal, to the point where in subtle ways I would be molding myself to be a person I thought they wanted me to be, and so I would feel like I was losing parts of myself. “

Between rarefied introspective valleys wrapped in whispering mists, and the peaks of vibrating solar pinnacles, ‘Leave Our Skins’ is something to get lost in and find yourself at every listening.

Sophie Bernice’ EP ‘Leave Our Skins’ is out on May 15, 2020, coming with the lead single ‘Serve my soul’, both available for streaming and download on all the major digital platforms. ‘Leave Our Skins’ is also available as a CD on Bandcamp.

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Sophie Bernice // Leave Our Skins - album cover