Sonomaris is a synergy of creative minds. Here the voice of Jerry Gonzalez, the guitar of Tyrone Thompson, the drums of Rick Trigueros, and the bass of Rick Zaccaro merge to work together on drawing from the hardest and most progressive root of rock and creating a unique, indelible sound experience.

Listening in preview to their next work, the single “Million“, at first glance it would seem easy to find parallels with the likes of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden or even Alice in Chains, but in reality what caught our attention is the perspective towards which Sonomaris projects their music.

Million” is a piece with grunge roots, with masterful, refined aesthetics drawing from both progressive and nu-metal mixed in. All this is built inside the framework of a conscious and exquisitely balanced mix that, if on one hand draws inspiration from sounds from the past, on the other re-elaborates and elevates them, enhancing the breath of the whole song.

It is precisely in the intelligent way in which Sonomaris articulates, manipulates and guides the development of the sound spectrum of “Million” that we find its magnetic driving element. This song is so much more than another piece of classic progressive, classic grunge, or overdone hard-rock/nu-metal.

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