Soko7 - Moola - single cover
Soko7 - portrait

One of the Grammy-winning minds behind the composition and production of Beyonce’s ‘Drunk In Love’, the Zimbabwean songwriter and record producer Brian Soko has loved writing and performing music since childhood. After growing up with very little in a Third World country, he moved to the United States and produced hits for the likes of Lil Wayne, Drake and Jay Z, until he decided it was time to release his own songs as Soko7.

“I’ve always had the dream to live a better life, and nothing can get much of my attention if it doesn’t move me forward financially.” So Soko7 introduces himself, and then continues: “this mindset has been instilled in a lot of first generation immigrants, who came to this country in search of the American Dream.”

And it is precisely this vision of things and of his life that Soko7 shows us with his latest song, the single titled ‘Moola’, a track that speaks not only of his outlook in life, but also of a work ethic thanks to which he grew as man and went from having very little in his country of origin to emerge on the international music scene.

A stellar quality production impeccably chiseled by  urban atmosphere vibrations, ‘Moola’ is a hip-hop rap number embellished with a veiled touch of afrobeat, creating a musical mix and match that one may take as a baseline of what is a perfectly compact and clean sound.

‘Moola’ is a real point of reference, not only for hip-hop productions, and with it  Soko7 brings us a track that sounds rich and full-bodied, while being built on very minimalistic elements. What makes the difference, here, is  how Soko7 applies talent, competence and experience gained in the field on those elements.

If there’s still someone who believes that hip-hop music cannot be quality music, or, worse, that it is not worthy of being called music at all, then it’s time they listen to Soko7’s ‘Moola’ and change their mind.

The release of Soko7’s single ‘Moola’ is accompanied by the official video of the song, available on Soko7’s Youtube channel.

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