Armed with ‘Karma’, title track taken from her most recent debut EP ‘Faith’, the 23-year-old artist of formidable expressiveness Soë Blue arrives from Zurich, Switzerland, with her full-bodied and vibrant voice, enchanting us with a single that has magnetized all our attention on her music.

What surprises us and leaves us amazed is the authenticity and uniqueness with which Soë extracts the juice and essence of the purest Soul music. She manipulates it like a block of clay, and without losing a drop of its density, she remodels it on the silhouette of pop, giving life to a musical delivery that sounds like a concentrate of warmth and positive vibrations with an aftertaste of bitterness, so beautiful and characterized to leave us speechless.

Open in a perspective aimed at giving everything of herself, Soë Blue’s ‘Karma’ has bewitched us like few others, with a passionate and poignant message about pain in its background, where Soë sings the pain of having to learn that money rules the world, especially in the music industry.

This tribute to the foundations of the deepest and most beautiful Soul, conveyed in a modern and contemporary sound, is so noteworthy it will also appeal to non-fans of the genre.

Soë Blue - portrait
Soë Blue
Soë Blue // Karma - single cover
Soë Blue // Karma - single cover

Listen now to ‘Karma’, the single taken from Soë Blue’s EP ‘Faith’, and find out more about this talented and promising artist, checking the links below: