An emerging artist based in Chicago, Socrates is a singer-songwriter with a subtle touch of class. Taken from ‘Where They Might Have Been’, the 9-track album resulting from Socrates’ recording work over 3 years, his latest song is the single ‘Lost in a Moment’, a track full of serenity and of Socrates’ expressive charm.

Distinguished by sounds very inspired by the soft rock of the 70s, with this song Socrates gives us a passionate performance that conveys feelings like trust and nostalgia, chiseled in a sunny and engaging atmosphere.

Driven by a compelling rhythm of acoustic guitar and drums, the lyric poetry extends on the melody giving us a genuine moment of happiness, tinged by that ambivalent, bitter-sweet feeling tied to good memories of the past.

Listen now to ‘Lost in a Moment’, the latest single from Socrate, and find out more about his music, checking the links below: