A year is passed by, since I launched Nova Music blog, and quite a few things have happened.

Started in one of the saddest and darkest moments for the global music industry, and beyond, the blog saved gave me a (new) perspective on life, allowing me to remain close to that creative world that I love so much: that of music.

Behind me I leave a 3-year recording project, with 12 releases ready to be released only in the first year, dead on the vine. The result of collaboration with a young singer-songwriter, with the arrival of Covid-19 she disappeared … taking with her the result of months of analysis, study, composition, and recordings.

Getting stood up, having dedicated so much for months and months to that project, I found myself stunned … I had certainly been able to develop a plan B, having been engulfed for over 6 months composing, writing, making rehearsals in my home studio, rewriting, refining, and then more rehearsals, up to the sessions in the studio … hours, days, weeks in which I dedicated putting my heart and soul to bring to a higher level the immature ideas that had been brought to my table.

However, after a first and obvious moment of despair, I said to myself: why not broaden this vision? That desire, hidden and innate, to enter the most intimate and internal folds of a song, to grasp all its essence, even the most concealed. I have lost count how many times I have found myself exalted, elevated, by a song, without however being able to be fully aware of why that song was something that moved and touched me so much.

A worm that I atavistically wanted to pull out of the hole, by continuing to study the many aspects that contribute to the making of what is laconically labeled a “hit song”. From the arrangement to the use of VSTi, from promoting a new release to the use of social networks to boost themselves as artists, from writing effective lyrics to building a career in the world of music, over the last decade of my life everything has been aimed at developing the highest possible level of awareness on this topic.

And I’m telling you straight out: there is absolutely no miracle that could have kissed me.

Because what I have undertaken is an endless epic, where there literally does not exist, and never will, an ultimate end or a maximum peak to be reached.

It is not just or only a matter of production quality. It is not just or only a question of the intrinsic meaning found in the lyrics. The notes are seven, octaves permitting, and following the cliché by which nowadays there’s nothing more to invent in the creative arts, everything could be relegated to a sterile exercise in chemistry, in which you can take a little of this and a some of that, and if you are good and precise in the doses, here you find the most perfect elixir of eternal youth, invincibility tonic, or love potion.

Yet, after 30 years of listening to music in an increasingly conscious way, I continue to discover new artists whose existence I might have totally ignored, and who bring me back to one of the greatest loves of my life: music.

So, this is penned for all of you who today as tomorrow will want to accompany me on this endless journey, bringing your music to the readers and followers of Nova Music blog.

Not wanting to accomplish anything revolutionary. Maybe, simply, to enjoy and love in all its precious value that inestimable art that is music.

So I say,
Thank you for the music,
for giving it to me…

ABBA // Thank You For The Music
ABBA // Thank You For The Music

Swedish pop supergroup, active from 1972 until 1982, ABBA became one of the most commercially successful acts in the history of popular music, topping the charts worldwide from 1974 to 1983.

Originally featured on the group’s fifth studio album ‘The Album’ (1977), their ‘Thank You for the Music’ was released as a single in 1983.

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