Snowmine is a five-piece band based in Brooklyn, NY. Their music embraces an indie rock pop sound, capable of depicting rich and echoing sounscapes, blended with more classical orchestrations.

The band is fronted by new-classical composer Grayson Sanders, whose vocals have been compared to Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes, to Jim Jones of My Morning Jacket. He is joined by talented artists Grayson Sanders, Austin Mendenhall, Alex Beckmann, Jay Goodman, and, last but not least, Calvin Pia.

Between 2011 and 2012 Snowmine had 4 releases, including albums and singles. Among these stands out Laminate Pet Animal, which is a sort of artistic prelude, an incubator for their last album Dialects. It’s a great insight into how the band has matured over time.

Laminate Pet Animal has a very good formula of eclectic instrumentation, catchy melodies, pleasant vocals and solid songwriting. This is a really engaging record, where indie rock meets a progressive and experimental attitude, somewhere in between Van-She, Semisonic and Everything Everything.

Find out more about Snowmine on BandCamp [ here ], and listen to Laminate Pet Animal available on all main streaming platforms.