Eclectic and avant-garde – Skycabin stands out from the crowd for the personal perspective on experimental electronica offered with the single and the music video for “SecretS.”

Skycabin is a visual and musical project signed by the dynamic Californian duo Farbod & Sepand.

Skycabin aims to deliver a new era of music influenced by the dark melodies of the 90s under a commercial appeal, which among many include renowned acts such as Massive Attack and Nine Inch Nails.

Eclectic and avant-garde, Skycabin unquestionably stands out from the crowd for the diverse offer of a personal and, in its own way, innovative perspective on experimental electronica.

The latest delivery by Skycabin comes by the single and video for “Secrets.” A song inspired by a personal break-up story, the track renders an inner conflict concerning being stuck in a toxic relationship, where an obsessed heart requires to stay while a worrywart brain wants to go out.

Faithful to their inspirations, here Skycabin offers a deep and moving listening experience, exquisitely combined with sophisticated slow-motion sequences that excellently underline the research work and the stylistically avant-garde cleanliness transferred by this eclectic duo.

The two long-time musical partners based in California further seal their creative vision through their Instagram page, interpreting their modernist touch in an inspired way.

Among the most intriguing discoveries we have made in the last months, it will be very interesting to see what will come in the following from this guided duo.

Listen now to “Secrets,” the latest single by Skycabin, and watch the accompanying music video on the Skycabin YouTube channel.

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