The interweaving of lead and backing vocals, harmoniously laid out on a graceful rhythmic carpet, gives life to the passionate caress with which Siren Valley bring us the colorful freshness of their style.

‘Twin Bed’ is a song about the distance you can feel in a relationship, despite the fact that your lover is physically so close. Here Siren Valley bring a genuine songwriting and vocal performance, full of the struggle of having a relationship with someone who is emotionally closed and ends up being so close and far away at the same time.

The song comes from the latest EP by Siren Valley, ‘Scratched Up Heart’, a 6 track release also available in a hand-painted box that includes a wood USB drive with the whole EP, and many extras, like handwritten lyric sheets and bonus photos. Get it from the Siren Valley website store.

Siren Valley // Scratched Up Heart - EP cover

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