The Dream of Orion // I Feel Love - single cover

The new work by The Dream of Orion is the single titled ‘I Feel Love’, an exquisitely danceable and catchy song that affably ferries us towards more summer-like atmospheres.

With ‘I Feel Love’ Olivier Herràn, the French artist, composer and writer who’s conceived and developed The Dream of Orion project, immerses us in an enveloping, softly suffisive musical atmosphere.

Introduced by round and minimal synths, the song is a candid whisper of echoing words of love that, balancing in duets between male and female vocals, transmit all that sense of freedom, openness, lightness and freshness that we usually associate with summer.

Listen now to ‘I Feel Love’, the latest single by The Dream of Orion, available for streaming on Spotify.

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