From pop singer-songwriter Joseph Trem comes the compelling new single titled ‘Show Me All Your Moves’.

Inspired, if not even obsessed since age 8, by some of the greatest pop recording artists, including Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift and Prince, Joseph Trem has spent years of his life perfecting his craft.

By developing these influences and including them in his personal artistic vision, Trem has given shape and substance to his creativity, giving life to a sound that blends the original qualities of classical pop music with more modern and fresh ones. The result is a unique and captivating hybrid mix of dance, pop, chill, R&B, and pop music, which has allowed him to capture the attention of an ever-growing number of fans and listeners.

In the wake of this momentum that seems bound to take him very far, Trem continues to fuel his songwriting, releasing enthralling and magnetically attractive numbers such as his brand-new single titled ‘Show Me All Your Moves’.

Rhythmically dynamic and infused in an intriguing musical aesthetic, ‘Show Me All Your Moves’ allows Trem to give us a feverishly contagious number, on which to dance to the rhythm of bouncing tribal percussions and sing along to catchy melody lines.

"Show Me All Your Movesis not just about committing to someone new; it's about committing to a new spirit. A spirit where we can forget our troubles and our struggle, and where we let the adrenaline hit us.”

Joseph Trem

‘Show Me All Your Moves’is available for streaming all over the web, on all the major digital platforms. Find your favorite by visiting Joseph Trem website.

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Joseph Trem // Show Me All Your Moves - single cover
Joseph Trem // Show Me All Your Moves - single cover
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