From singer, songwriter and musician Hydie Humbles comes the contemporary soul pop debut single ‘Barcelona’.

Characterized by an alternative touch that unites atmospheric mixes of contemporary soul and pop, ‘Barcelona’ is one of the singles that are part of a string of songs that the London-based singer-songwriter and musician will release during the summer.

Like most of Hydie’s songs, her debut single ‘Barcelona’, too, is a song inspired by her travels around the world.

Written, recorded and produced with Evil Genius, ‘Barcelona’ immerses us in the sophisticated musical aesthetic of Hydie. Nostalgically dreamy, moved by lo-fi beats and vintage guitars, the track evokes wide and boundless ocean soundscapes that are the background to the fictional story of a young woman who contemplates a possible pregnancy during her time in Barcelona.

A free and natural flow with a delicate soulful touch, Hydie Humbles’ ‘Barcelona’ is something to amiably accompany us towards the imminent summer atmospheres.

Listen now to ‘Barcelona’ by Hydie Humbles, and find out more about Hydie music, checking the links below:

Hydie Humbles // Barcelona - single cover
Hydie Humbles // Barcelona - single cover
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