American southern midwest hip-hop artist BFlame is back with his new single ‘You My Champion’, featuring QBizz, bringing us the most advanced and mature version of his style.

Guided by a musical taste that is pervaded by a suggestive timeless feeling, ‘You My Champion’ is a track built on an engaging hip hop groove and a soulful sound enriched by a transversal and wide-ranging aesthetic, capable of putting in contact different ages and social classes.

In a world full of negativity, BFlame continues to grow, and not just musically, by continuing to cultivate his creative approach focused on being positive and inspiring people through his talent.

A creative touch that with ‘You My Champion’ gives us a breath of uplifting freshness embedded in an old-school style delivery, and that precisely for this reason is able to stand out from the background buzz.

Listen now to ‘You My Champion’ from BFlame ft. QBizz, available on your preferred digital platform:

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