Sienná is a singer, songwriter and producer of live-electronic music active since 2005 who has performed around Europe for over 10 years.

A Japanese expat living in Norway, Sienná is an artist whose musical production is characterized by an exquisitely innovative and unique signature, through a “no-rules ” approach to creation. Her productions are centred around a dreamy and avant-garde artistic matrix. Hers is a sinuous blend of EDM, jazz and classical, hybridized with both traditional and contemporary Japanese music, in which the East meets the West at a dreamy crossroads of electronic. Sienná‘s music transcends the principle of commodification of music, emerging as a true artistic medium through which this visionary artist expresses all the sophistication and transversality of her creativity.

It is precisely through her fusion between traditional Japanese culture and European/American musical style that she stands out as one of the few crossover artists in the field of electronic who constantly devote themselves to renewing and ever evolving the language of their music.

Sienná is also known for her collaborations with noteworthy artists, among these  psychedelic Norwegian jazz trumpeter Nils Petter Molvaer and Mick Karn, late bass player for the new wave band Japan; also, she was the opening act for the band The Crazy World of Arthur Brown on several occasions in the United Kingdom.

Sienná // "Moon Rituals" - album cover
Sienná PromoPhoto

Recently this talented artist has announced the release of her eighth original release, titled “Moon Rituals月儀式“, scheduled for the day of Snow Moon Sunday, February 9, 2020, and we had the pleasure of previewing the album for you.

Composed of 9 tracks that create reflective and deeply introspective atmospheres, “Moon Rituals” is a release that differs from Sienná‘s previous studio albums. In fact, this new release essentially consists of songs that set up relaxing and enveloping soundscapes, whose common thread is the different phases of the moon as seen from the Japanese cultural context and point of view.

With this collection of beautifully composed songs, Sienná creates a splendid expressive, intimate and dreamy parable that, like a series of facets and reflections of light off the faces of a diamond, is refracted and deconstructed with engaging charm.

This is undoubtedly the most avant-garde manifesto to best represent that mixture of tradition and contemporaneity, of East and West, that we mentioned earlier. “Moon Rituals” represents the most pragmatically expressive form of Sienná’s visionary creativity made of layers of abstract art. It is in the (now additive, now subtractive) mixing of these elements, in the dynamics of the development of musical arguments, and in the careful and detailed study of sound design, elevated by the impeccable mix and mastering work, that everything assumes its formidable coherence.

Moment after moment, track after track, through the listening experience that Sienná gives us with “Moon Rituals”, we are accompanied on a journey through truly unique auditory worlds, spaces, places, and times that we perceive as the fruit of her imagination, as something that we have never seen or heard before. But thanks to the clarity and consistency with which they are created, they are able to enrapture you and immerse you into something new, something innovative and engaging.

The release of “Moon Rituals” will be accompanied by the official music video of “A Hazy Moon 月朧“, the second track from the album itself. Directed and created by Kutayden (Turkey), the video will be published on the artist’s official Youtube channel. To not miss its release, subscribe now to the Sienná Youtube channel [ here ].

Moon Rituals“, the forthcoming album from Sienná, will be available on all major digital stores from February 9th. To not miss this release, follow Siennà and subscribe to her channels:

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