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Mirrored Like Deja Vu is SHKIL’s melancholic mix that will pamper you in the RnB gall of the heartbreak Pop zone and Alternative tranquility.

A significant introduction to the creative world of up-and-coming artist SHKIL – his latest release stands and works like a charm.

“Mirrored Like Deja Vu” is the latest single penned by this British creative who loves to implement complex ideas and layers of thought right inside his own lyrics.

Blending shades of R&B with an Indie flair and adding some sparks of Pop music, this new song works like a meaningful manifesto that showcases the signature of SHKIL.

Here an exploration, there a confirmation, with “Mirrored Like Deja Vu” SHKIL offer to all of us an appealing invitation to get into his soulful world.

Listen now to Mirrored Like Deja Vu, the latest Single by SHKIL, available in streaming on all major digital platforms.

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