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Shayne Cook releases music that’s both emotional and stripped down, extolling wide, open reverberant folk-pop – his latest single is “Miles Away.”

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Shayne Cook has already cracked the UK iTunes Top 25 with his latest single, “Miles Away.”

A navigator who crosses and bends the genre, the many eras of sounds, and opens the view to a sublime listening experience.

With his latest single, Cook has already received critical acclaim across the board. Listeners, as well as colleagues in the music industry, seem to have well appreciated the work done by Shayne.

Here the Australian artist introduces an acoustic folk-rock pop sound coupled with a dense mix and minimalist structuring.

Remotely co-written with Austin, Texas-based Richard Grewar during the covid lockdowns and brought into the studio by Shayne for the finishing touches, “Miles Away” marks a significant milestone for the artist.

Listen now to Miles Away, the latest Single by Shayne Cook, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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