Dutch artist Sharmila has released her latest single, DNA Damage, along with the self-titled album, made up of nine tracks ranging from R&B to rap and pop. These releases are added to the previous singles, Respect Your Body and a club mix of Burning For You.

With DNA Damage this young artist demonstrates further professional growth. The lyrics and the vocal performance create a convincing atmosphere, which gives the song the right feeling, between pop and R&B. The melody features catchy phrasing, especially in the chorus, which is enhanced by an arrangement that brings pop, funky and even electronic sound elements into the mix.

As she had already done with Respect Your Body, Sharmila continues to explore different paths, and once again manages to create an engaging number, with various noteworthy elements.

This is the creative spirit with which the promisig Sharmila released her self-titled album. Inside we find the already mentioned Respect Your Body and Burning For You club mix, along with seven other tracks.


Undoubtedly for Sharmila the release of this album represents an important moment of her career. Projected towards the future, this young artist is seriously determined to make a name for herself  and her artistic skills.

A future in which this singer and songwriter sees herself committed to performing further concerts, spreading her music, spreading her voice and embarking on a tour.

Something about Sharmila:

At an early age Sharmila was interested in the performing arts and soon began taking dancing lessons. As a natural progression from this, she found herself involved in writing her own music – this led her to follow vocal lessons to further establish herself in the music industry.

Discover now the music of Sharmila, listen to DNA Damage and her self-titled album, available on the main digital distribution platforms, and follow her on Soundcloud [+].