Seatbelts recently released their new single ‘Sinful City’, an indie rock piece with which they continue to explore the themes of capitalism, modernization, and escapism they already touched upon in their previous EPs.

With lyrics like “A lifestyle on constant trial … Despair and desperation take hope”, Seatbelts raise questions that prompt us to wonder how our sense of self is influenced by the temptations found in the glittering delights of the modern city.

Their urgent delivery, driven by James Madden’s vocals, paint the picture of an inner drama, unraveling a final attempt to seek beauty, hope, and clarity within a sinful metropolis.

With stylistic references that evoke the ‘Modern Times’ of Chaplin’s movie and the futurist landscapes of Fitz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’, the song is accompanied by a music video: a cacophonous collage of stock-footage of daytime TV advertising and 90s YouTube memes, constantly moving on the dystonic contrast of laughter and tears.

Watch now the official music video for ‘Sinful City’, and find out more about Seatbelts’ music, checking the links below:

Seatbelts // Sinful City - single artwork