Hip hop artist Scotty Nando releases the official video for ‘Been The Same’, new single from his album ‘Memoir Of A Setback’.

Scott Antoine is an hip hop artist know by stage name of Scotty Nando, who was born on September 13 in the 90’s and raised with the music of Tupac, Scarface, and Shyne, artists who influenced and shaped his love for the hip hop genre.

Nando’s visceral love of language goes back to middle school, when he could be seen sneaking into the library between classes to study the dictionary. It was during this time that he started linking together strings of words in unique ways, and to ditch a speech impediment.

Born of Haitian descent, Nando came from multicultural music origins, an artistic heritage that he does not fail to carry out with distinctive character, reflecting it in unique beats and lyric combos intertwined with a catchy free style.

His latest single, the captivating hip hop number ‘Been The Same’, is just the latest example of how Nando is growing artistically and consistently elevating his sound.

Watch now the official video of ‘Been The Same’, available on Scotty Nando’s Youtube channel.

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Scotty Nando