Born and raised in Pawnee City, Nebraska, a small town in the southeast corner of the state with about 900 people, Savannah (Savvy) Nider grew up passionate about family, sports, speech, and of course music!

This small-town girl with a remarkable and soulful voice is making waves on the Nashville scene, delivering through her music nothing but humility, love, and familiarity.

After recording a previous EP produced by Bryan Cole and Grammy Award winner Steve Marcantonio, in November 2019, Savannah is now going to release a new single titled ‘We Are Us’, a radio-friendly country-pop number through which this talented artist showcases once again the uniqueness of her vocal performance.

‘We Are Us’ will be available starting on February 28th. To not miss it, check the following links and follow Savannah:

Savannah // We Are Us - single cover
Savannah // We Are Us - single cover
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