A collection of ten original pieces of indie-folk music colored by sparks of acoustic pop, ‘A Whisper in the Wind’ is Savannah Philyaw’s full-length debut album, where she blend honeyed words with fascinating melodies.

With an intimately organic and clear sound, “A Whisper in the Wind” brings us all of her feelings and emotions. Here the vibrant and evocative Savannah gives birth to moods like nostalgia, love and a glass-half-full attitude.

With characteristic indie folk elements, the sound of the album is fluent and crystalline, dynamically freshened by pop calls and duets, settled between genuine ballads, intertwining, layering and doubling vocals, and it opens up in enthralling buildups.

There’s a richness of thematic, expressive and musical elements that form an exciting color palette, giving Savannah the perfect tools to bring to a higher level that leitmotif of solar positivity and sentimentality that flows through the whole album.

Savannah Philyaw // A Whisper In The Wind - album cover

And that’s how, with a sort of magical touch, we would like to say that of a fairy, with ‘A Whisper in the Wind’ Savannah traces ten songs that sound like a series of passionate parentheses, which open and close in natural succession, exquisitely kissed by the pure and a clear vision of what the artist had inside, and that she managed to transform into lyrics and music in an unparalleled way.

At the beginning of each track Savannah plants a seed, and along the development of each song we see that seed sprout, grow, and bloom into a flower that, in its simple but profound naturalness, ends up radiating all its unique and genuine beauty.

Supporting the richness of ‘A Whisper in the Wind’ further, each song is accompanied by a lyrical video created by Savannah, together with the series of videos titled ‘Why I Wrote’, in which the artist explains the backstories and the inspirations that brought her to write her songs.

Listen now to ‘A Whisper in the Wind’, Savannah Philyaw’s full-length debut album, and find out more about her music, checking the links below: