It’s hard to imagine someone who has never had one of that days, at least once in their life, when everything seems to want to go wrong. When everything seems to be falling apart, and all you want is to bury yourself, or and jump straight to tomorrow, or simply to stay in bed and turn your back to the day.

Sangin' Sara - Hello Reality - single cover

Well, it looks like Sara had one right when she wrote this song. Just jump to the first chorus or to the bridge to notice it! But what Sara brings us here is a formidable driving force to react and to move forward. Her ‘Hello Reality’ is a sort of cure for that sorrow, that force that sucks you and pulls you down, with Sara drawing plentifully from what seems a real life experience of hers, judging by how convincing it sounds, going from real to surreal and then back to real again.

Propulsive, brilliant and enthralling, ‘Hello Reality’ is an exquisite injection of positive musicality, in which this veteran artist with more than a decade of experience gained on the scene blends pop and rock lines with R&B veins.

Life is not always flowers and romance? And do you know what? All in all, it’s okay that way! Go ahead and listen to ‘Hello Reality’, the debut single by Sangin’ Sara, available for streaming from April 15, 2020.

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