Nova’s Song is the brand new single by singer-songwriter Sandra Esparza, a vocal and guitar song dropped into an enveloping acoustic atmosphere, a stylistic touch with which this artist is making herself known for her expressiveness.

Dedicated to Nova, Sandra’s niece who died in 2018 just 3 weeks after her birth, due to an undiagnosed congenital heart defect, the song features magnificent lyrics full of the sense of yearning and sadness of such a dramatic event, combined with Nova’s candid and innocent beauty.

A guitar and her voice: that’s all Sandra needs to perform an immersive combination infused with all the intimacy and delicacy of her vocal performance, which reaches the listener in a sincere and reverberant way, gently strengthened by the doubling vocals.

As with other previous works of hers, Sandra Esparza’s material appears as a sound canvas, raw and at the same time organic, reduced to guitar or piano and vocals. And as much as Nova’s Song carries within it an aesthetic and musical message already well defined, we can easily imagine how this track could be developed and expanded in the vein of many other genres and arrangements, leading to an even higher final result than in the acoustic version.

Listen now to Nova’s Song, the latest single by Sandra Esparza, available on Youtube [ here ].

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Sandra Esparza
Sandra Esparza