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To soar high and fly with no boundaries – Sandeep Kulkarni’s latest tune, the Rock single titled “Parvaaz,” works as a ray of sunshine that strengthens roots and inspires souls.

Sandeep Kulkarni is an award-winning Singer / Songwriter, Voice-over Artist, and former RJ from Southern California.

Although trained in Indian and Western Classical vocals, Sandeep has continued to hone his skills, singing and experimenting across different genres and languages.

A deep believer in that mantra that says “music speaks no language”, Kulkarni has been able to highlight his gift of polyglot musicality, coming through his original solo works as well as peculiar collaborations, and even the ongoing original content he is working on with his current band from Los Angeles, Rusty Rickshaw.

A prolific creative then, and also an avid thirsty for music, Sandeep Kulkarni’s most recent work is the Rock single titled Parvaaz.

“Parvaaz means to soar high or fly without being restricted by any boundaries while chasing your dreams. That’s the idea behind this song.” So Sandeep introduces us to the backdrop that gave birth to Parvaaz. Then he continues: “So I refer to and show birds in the sky a lot in the video but I tie it to how one should be carefree and chase their dreams.”

The connection is soon found also by taking one of the lines of the lyrics: “Nayein Parindo ki Tarah Aasmaan mein samaye” explains Kulkarni “the literal translation for this will be ….” you immersed in the sky as a bird would do during its first flight “.

But Parvaaz does not only give an energizing emotional impulse that is capable of projecting you towards a free and liberating sense. The song also talks about Sandeep’s memories and remembrance when he was in Mumbai, India, and how he and everyone else felt at that young age, so eager to fly high and chase their own desires.

Light hearts, indomitable spirits, and a longing to seize the moment, one might say. But here the memory for the link with one’s roots becomes the added value.

Kind of like a loving older brother might do, with Parvaaz Sandeep supports us in nurturing that forward-looking projection while reinforcing that need to stay well-grounded and connected with our seed, our fiber, our genesis.

Catchy, fresh, uplifting, and upbeat, Parvaaz works exquisitely as a pair of added wings.

Something that will make the elderly rediscover the effervescence of a youth that seemed forgotten.
Something that will help even the greenest to channel the most fearless instincts not to get lost.

Listen now to Parvaaz, the latest Single by Sandeep Kulkarni, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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