Up-and-coming artist from Cincinnati, Ohio, Sammy Jelani arrives with his debut album titled ‘Alien’.

Sammy’s project consists of 8 tracks through which the artist displays his creative flair and is the result of recording work done at 4 different studios: the Nexus Sound Studio in Youngstown, OH, ID Labs and MCM Studios in Pittsburgh, PA, and the Timeless Recording Studio in Cincinnati, OH.

Among the songs, the ones that stand out as the most significant and explicative of Jelani’s style are ‘Go Stupid’ and ‘Run it Up’, two tracks cemented in the roots of contemporary hip-hop, on which the young rap artist makes his creativity flow with natural ease.

These two tracks well represent the opposite polarities between which Sammy makes his music range: from the rhythmic and atonal world of ‘Go Stupid’, to the melodic and bouncy realms of ‘Run it Up’, his musical range is always characterized by that scenic atmosphere, at times pungent and dreamy, that we find throughout the whole development of the album.

Built over compelling and engrossing beats, the now-flourishing, now-inspiring rhymes that Jelani rattles off with conviction are the perfect means to allow him to bring forward at full force all the biting message of his musical delivery.

Listen now to ‘Alien’, Sammy Jelani’s debut album, available on all major digital platforms [ here ].

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Sammy Jelani // Alien - album artwork
Sammy Jelani // Alien - album artwork