Once you really care about and trust someone, it seems like you are ultimately let down every time. Is your kindness taken advantage of? Are you being taken for granted and end up getting hurt?

Here comes Sammi Rae with a vibe and a sound that bring to mind all the warmth of an embrace given by a sunset over an island bay.

A timeless tale about the perils of love, ‘Nunca’ is embellished by Sammi’s sexy and smooth vocals, full of sensual charm and showing off all of Rae’s talent, as she finds herself exquisitely at ease in vibrating naturally and effortlessly with this captivating reggaeton piece.

Among the most interesting and promising discoveries we have found among female debut artists, not only on the reggae scene.

Sammi Rae’s debut single ‘Nunca’ is available from June 12th, with the lyric video on Sammi Rae’s YouTube channel, and for streaming and download on all the major digital platforms: find your preferred one via song.link.

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Sammi Rae // Nunca - single cover
Sammi Rae // Nunca - single cover