The warmth of an acoustic guitar, voice, choir, and a vintage-sounding piano are the grains of a magical dust that the talented artist Sami Simon makes soar and hover in the air with natural minimalism.

Grasping that sense of new hope of which the rising of the sun at dawn is full, the drops of dew that Simon sprinkles with ‘Morning Sun’ are tiny grains brimming with the beauty of the first daylight.

Relieving the spirit and mind from the darkest and heaviest burdens, Sami carefully touches sensitive strings and lets them vibrate gently, on the ascension brought by the sense of newness that comes with a more confident new day, reminding us how beautiful it can be to be alive, no matter how palpable or tangible the struggle against what grips us can feel.

In 2019, after releasing his debut EP ‘Edges’, via the Amsterdam label Revanche Records, he left his hometown, Berlin, to move to the sunny vineyards of southwestern Germany, where he is eagerly creating new self-produced songs.

With a keen talent for capturing the more innermost thoughts and feelings, scrolling through Sami Simon’s releases it is evident how genuinely simple it is for him to create small great pieces like ‘Morning Sun’.

It could not be otherwise, considering he’s an artist capable of conveying his talent, revealing himself to be a suave songwriter as well as a remarkable multi-instrumentalist, while he also works as a music therapist and abstract painter.

And within that incomparable collection of pictorial effigies, musical portraits of the hidden corners of the human feeling, finds impeccable placement the touching ‘Morning Sun’, so adorable yet painful. A song of rare beauty, with a voice and a sound that is hard not to fall in love with.

Among the most interesting discoveries we have made in recent months, that of Sami Simon is a music to be discovered and savored with the greatest possible care, listening after listening, starting with his latest precious gem, ‘Morning Sun’.

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