Sam and Sounds made his way into the indie music scene in April of this year, debuting with his single ‘Do It All Again’.

41.000 streams on Spotify, 23.000 monthly listeners in just over 4 weeks, and a 19th place on the iTunes Pop Charts: these are the numbers that, together with the release of the single ‘Addicted To You’, allowed Sam and Sounds to amass thousands of streams in these months following its bubbly start.

Accompanied by a crew of equally young and talented performers, this 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Surrey seems to be ready for a successful career, thanks above all to a valuable musical standard that he offers effortlessly and that has nothing to envy to that of artists who have been part of the game for years.

Sam and Sounds - photo

Emerging from a period of anxiety and depression suffered in his early years, Sam and Sounds offers us a music that is a collection of familiar yet fresh sounds; it’s the kind of sound you love to listen to to satisfy you; it is music written by the kindness of someone who is on a mission, to motivate and encourage people to look and move forward.

And it is precisely inside the vision of this exquisitely optimistic indie pop act that comes the latest work by Sam and Sounds. We are talking about ‘Cloud 9’, the third single that this promising and talented singer-songwriter has released to date.

Written following Sam’s experiences with online trolls, the inspiration for ‘Cloud 9’ derives precisely from that place of authentic optimism and altruism with which this young artist underlines and highlights his artistic signature.

Here Sam, choosing to ignore the virtual bullies, responds with a stylistic kindness that translates into a song imbued with honesty. The touch is all in the finesse, as it is the true embodiment of Sam’s personality, with which he chooses to react with grace to negativity.

The radiance given by energetic synthesizers, thunderous percussions, and danceable melodies are propellant that fuels the transport given by the lyrics and the performance by Sam and Sounds, giving us a fresh, colorful, and tremendously pleasant song.

Certainly, an engaging and contagious summer tune, ‘Cloud 9’ is also an exciting number to take with us well beyond this season. A bright and vibrant piece, capable of projecting all the good vibrations it contains, making us feel good, even to take us to the seventh heaven.

And it’s easy to imagine how this exemplary anthem which is ‘Cloud 9’ has already brought Sam and Sounds to the next step, from the south east of the England, to the rest of the world, up to that seventh heaven that, thanks to this song, he has already let us peek at.

The release of ‘Cloud 9’ is accompanied by the official music video available on the Sam and Sounds YouTube channel.

Listen now to ‘Cloud 9’, the latest single from Sam and Sound, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms.

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