Ryan Waite - Turn a Light On - single artwork

Waite’s new single is a push for all those people who are struggling to make the leap to get over something uncomfortable, “as I did when I was leaving Mormonism.” So the singer-songwriter artist from the Greater Salt Lake City Area introduces us to the theme of his new catchy song, ‘Turn a Light On’.

Whether it’s the history of one’s religion or a political party that they currently support, with his ‘Turn a Light On’ Waite wants to give us the right impulse to get out of certain comfort zones and reach a new perspective on something, although this may seem frightening at first.

The open and sunny development of the song brings an important and uplifting musical message that will feel relatable to many people. From politics to religion, why not, even to philosophy or the meaning of life, ‘Turn a Light On’ encourages us to open our eyes and look more closely at our lives.

Ryan Waite - profile

The song’s indie pop rock approach conveys perfectly and with genuine simplicity Waite’s message thanks also to the emotional support of his performance and songwriting. On top of this, there is a personal and alternative touch with a slightly melancholic taste, like that mixture of memories, regrets and nostalgia that arises when we’re realizing we know how to reach the end of the tunnel, even as fear of what the future holds tries to stop us.

Meaningful lyrics, a compelling rhythm that pulls the piece forward, and catchy and fresh melodies. You’ll need nothing more to get infected by the radiant energy of ‘Turn a Light On’.

The song was released on March 18 and is available for streaming on Spotify.

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