Hip-hop rap artist Royal Deuce returns to the scene with a biting new single: Tom Brady.

Royal Deuce is a hip-hop artist born in Pompano Beach, Florida. His diversified rap flow starts from a creative drift with multiple facets, in which find place witty punchlines, sick tunes, and a story to tell.

“Everything I done seen almost went crazy,” he stated speaking about that creative world that inspire him: something he defines as a “gemini complex” and that let him to grasp motivation from life facts such as the imprisonment of many family members and even the loss of some along the way.

As Deuce explains: “Music is like an uncharted world for a person in need of redesigning himself, meaning you can create anything you wish to have through music, whether it is happiness, or riches or even tranquility for your spirit.”

Always set to take his skills and his music to another level, Royal Deuce has recently returned to the scene with a brand new release, Tom Brady.

Royal’s new work sums up the personality and willingness of this artist to raise the bar, not only in terms of production, but also about the delivery.

Among the most authentic elements of hip-hop, and other influences of the golden age, the new version of Deuce immerses us in an atmosphere with a bittersweet and melancholy aesthetic. A captivating publication, perfect manifesto to showcase his talent and skills.

Royal Deuce // Tom Brady - artwork
Royal Deuce // Tom Brady - artwork

Listen now to ‘Tom Brady’, the latest single by Royal Duce, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find your favorite one via musics.link/Royaldeuce

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