Ross Victory is an American singer-songwriter and author. He took his first steps into the world of music as a 7-year-old by recording original tunes for his grandmother and teacher on a tape recorder. As a teenager, he wrote chants for school mixers and soon began receiving song topics requests from teachers and students.

Armed with his first electric piano, Ross experimented with music production software and quickly accumulated a large notebook of songs with themes ranging from love to deep existential longing, spiritualism and gang violence.

After graduation, Ross abandoned his songwriting aspirations in favour of the monotony of corporate America, but immediately felt the consequences, with anxiety and misaligned priorities putting a strain on his mental health and interpersonal relationships. Nonetheless, for years he put professional progress over everything else, until the loss of his father and brother pushed him to share his music again. He now understands the importance of never leaving music behind and the healing power of self-expression.

Raised to the ’90s smooth soul, Ross’ music draws inspiration from artists such as Jon B., Babyface, Donell Jones, and Toni Braxton. Through his meditative awareness, the layers of music and voices, and his sincerely performed lyrics, Ross now creates musical messages where melody, voice, instruments, and arrangements combine to support the narration of the song itself. He combines tone, mood, and colours in a unique way, making the themes and feelings relatable to listeners all over the world.

Committed to continuing his professional career, Ross Victory is focused on finding his direction, developing his style and his voice. In the wake of this awareness and artistic vision, Ross recently released two singles.

Everything Means Nothing” is a sensual serenade, a sweet love song about how everything loses importance when compared to the person we love. The more recent “Two Keys To Moonlight” is a captivating mid-tempo R&B ballad, a charming and relaxing song in which Ross builds a luxuriant sonic richness.

These two new singles are great examples of Ross Victory’s creative musical maturity, the perfect entry points to plunge into the poetics and soul that distinguish the creative ability of this talented singer-songwriter.

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