Produced by the electronic duo House of Spirituals, the new blend of electronic soul pop with which RosieMay beautifully distinguishes her style is a formidable production. In it, the artist exhibits all the thickness, richness and fullness of her artistic caliber.

Of course, listening to ‘Lovesick’ one would think of artists like Christina Aguilera or Alicia Keys. It’s no surprise, then, that they, alongside Amy Winehouse, Katy B, and more recently Lana Del Rey and Jessie Ware, have been musically influencing RosieMay since she was young.

Yet in ‘Lovesick’ there are a brilliance and expressive fullness that dynamically lead the musical delivery of the piece to elevate the whole listening experience, down to the last beat. The expressiveness and the transport of RosieMay’s vocal performance, combined with the richness of the musical composition, set up an overwhelming and captivating musical delivery that grows gradually, creeping under your skin until it reaches the most intimate part of your heart.

On the pop soul scene, invaded as it is by a plethora of female artists that feel one the carbon copy of the next, this is one of the most interesting discoveries in recent months.

Rosiemay // Lovesick - single cover

As RosieMay’s songwriting and studio work continues and sees her engaged in a steady release of songs this year, her latest single ‘Lovesick’ is available on your preferred digital platform [ here ].

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