Moved by a smooth shuffle and infused in reverberating and open soundscape, Rosebud make shine, spark and growl their psychedelic rock, releasing the brand-new single ‘Devil in my Pocket’, the first track extracted from their upcoming EP ‘I’m Just a Child’.

Going back to when they started more than three years ago in the basement of the drummer Jason, ‘Devil in my Pocket’ is a composition of over 7 minutes, whose sound in a way reflects, in a sort of parallelism, the path and the progress the band made in these past years.

After a quiet and intriguing intro, the song unleashes like a supercharged psychedelic rollercoaster, moved by many twists and turns, reminiscent of the band’s past kaleidoscopic trips, depicting the story of a troubled young guy who finds peace in escaping from reality but soon discovers that the ride comes with a price.


Listen now to ‘Devil in my Pocket’, the single release from Rosebud, and find out more about their music, checking the links below:

Rosebud // Devil in my Pocket - single cover
Rosebud // Devil in my Pocket - single cover