In the wake of his new spiritual inspiration, up-and-coming rapper Ronald Lindsay Jr. released the sacred hip-hop single “Holy Trinity.”

Ronald Lindsay Jr. is an up-and-coming hip-hop rapper, born on January 5th, 1993, and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Raised in poverty, not knowing where his next meal would come from.

The middle child of six children, Ronald, is the son of a Jamaican father and an American mother. Talking about his mother, he said: “[She’s] wonderful and strong; the light of my life. She died recently. She bore and raised six children the best way she could.”

Lindsay Jr. has had to relocate several times due to evictions, thus changing several schools over time. But despite the many ups and downs that life has stored for him, Ronald grew up very free and exposed to new people. Wandering the streets, he was able to make many new friends.

At the same time, this also allowed him to find his connection with music. He played the trombone when he was a kid, and he played a lot with the microphone.


Even if he didn’t take music seriously until high school, Lindsay Jr. freestyled a lot on and off campus. As he tells us: “[I] Made a lot of hip hop songs growing up about my life, and some prideful and arrogant songs too,” he explains. Then he continues: “I want people to feel an internal positive frequency from my music. I want it to bring good energy to them. That’s all I want.”

In the wake of his new vein of clearly personal inspiration, here comes his latest work: the bittersweet spiritual hip-hop single entitled “Holy Trinity.” Introduced by a moody and subdued flavor, the track lights up, moving on a sophisticated and modern beat.

Here Ronald Lindsay Jr. bounces his rapped rhymes effortlessly, sporting a dynamic flow that unwinds between tighter bars and more relaxed lines. At the base of the song, there is a deep desire to get out of an aura of darkness. Pairing his new vision, he is delivering it through this delicate and suffused piece. With lyrics such as “Let love feel your heart. I know I won’t be left in the dark. I know that things are gonna change in me,” Ronald compiles with sense and vision his evolution, spiritual and personal, even before being artistic.

A spark that, although it may seem as just struck, is undoubtedly driving him to create new music, as he is ready to release his new EP “Peak of Light,” coming out on November 17th, 2020.

Meanwhile, listen to “Holy Trinity,” the latest single by Ronald Lindsay Jr., available to stream on Spotify and Soundcloud. Find it via distrokid hyperfollow

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