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A project that sees veterans and relevant names, collaborating all together as a well-oiled unicum to release an album full of quality songs, different styles, and hooking sparks.

Ron Wright & Special Guests is an 18-song collection, that features legendary musicians and renowned artists, offering to us a rooster for refined palates: Bobby Kimball (Toto), Valerie Carter (Michael Jackson, Davey Pattison), Robin Trower, Janet Planet (Van Morrison, Richard Bryant), Little River Band, Tiran Porter, Doobie Brothers and Chris Minto (who engineered for KISS).

These are the aces that flanked Ron Wright to deliver an album that works as a fragrant melting pot: a blend of all their musicianship, their different backgrounds, their talents, and their legacies, which results in a blast of modern rock, unique and unforgettable.

A “para-titanic” work cunningly towed and stimulated by the creative vision and the resolute musicality of the lead guitarist and vocalist Ron Wright, the resulting album is not only a rewarding masterpiece of Classic Rock. Bridging the musical heritage of Wright, here we can find also variances paraphrased in bluesy ideas, up to visionary features close to Progressive, and why not, following a more “possibilist” and open-minded reading, even lines drifting towards Shoegaze meanders.

Pilgrim And The Preacher and Fast Woman’s Lovin’ are the two tracks that more than the others we feel as the factual gems of the album. They are strong and unique in their diversity, with a powerful full-suited body, but both do not annihilate the artist’s presence, allowing him to vectorize his imprinting directly into the soul of the two tracks.

In these two songs, it is possible to see how the whole album, and more generically the music of Ron Wright, is deeply rooted in a free-spirited purgatory: a full hour of music exploding out of the life of mastermind Wright, who spent it harvesting and returning in polyhedric shapes his expertise.

Trying to further frame down this album would only be a practice of fruitless stylism, opposite to the artist’s aim: to spread out our minds, catalyzing the art according to his musical chakra, distill its most nutrient juice, and offer it back to us according to his very personal palette.

Hat off to Ron Wright & (his) Special Guests. Thematically and stylistically, this is the kind of music that makes us say: stop talking, just listen to it!

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