ROMBE4T brings “old school” House music feeling to a next level, delivering music that exudes carefree happiness.

Let’s find out more about the DJ, producer, remixer, and ghost producer ROMBE4T, taking a peek at the brand-new bio of this long-time artist, as he seems to still have plenty of positive vibes in store for us with new music to come.

“It is better to regret the choices you made than to regret the choices you did not make.” In a world increasingly inclined to chase the fashions and trends of the moment, ROMBE4T brings back the center of attention on what is truly challenging: create and develop your personal path.

Thus, totally hooked on infectious beats filled with feel-good and happy vibes, ROMBE4T feeds a creative signature for which he has already been portrayed as a master of House music.

From his first performances in the ‘90s, to raves, and DJ performances, that of ROMBE4T is a music that, in terms of the value of House music history, captures and draws life from that “old school” feeling, taking it to a next level act after act.

Giving an ever wider perspective to that masterful work that is his entire project, ROMBE4T has been a skilled proponent of a stylistic signature where, while maintaining the clarity of a modern production style, have found fertile ground many influences such as Soul, Funk, and R&B, up to Jazz and Disco.

An impressive career and body of work, capable of capturing the mood of today’s generations, and catapulting them into a world full of music that exudes carefree happiness.

After an exciting 2019, with gigs in London, Ibiza and Amsterdam, and 10 singles published, 2020 will also be an equally thrilling year for ROMBE4T, with new exciting releases and shows near you to follow. Stay tuned.

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.: Nova Music blog // August 2020