Roi Bars

Listen now to ‘Mr Provider’, the latest single from Roi Bars, and find out more about his music by checking out the following links:

An international singer, songwriter and producer based in San Diego, CA, Roi Bars is an artist who produces music with an electronic root mixed with organic sounds, developed inside the boundaries of a creative setup made of dance, trap, dubstep and hip-hop, a genre heterogeneity that is also reflects by the collaborations Bars establishes with a wide range of other musicians.

The latest act of Roi’s creativity is the new single ‘Mr Provider’, a compelling and innovative number of electronic, with which the artist shows off the most advanced stage of the musical experimentation he is carrying out.
Framing a vision on modern society imbued with electronics and technology, with ‘Mr Provider’ Bars brings us an articulated, throbbing and richly saturated humoral sound tension. On a flashing carpet of more serious pulsing synths, more crystalline sounds stand out, crowning the register of high frequencies, while in the center the lead vocal pushes with penetrating and vibrant energy the melody that works on the bank with syncope.

It is a musically lush listening experience that figuratively reminds us of a cyclical blossoming of sounds, one that amazes and surprises right from its bare and dreamy intro, and then fills and swells, layer by layer, widening more and more both the scenic spectrum and the degree of involvement with the listener.

A song to savor and appreciate in every detail, ‘Mr Provider’ by Roi Bars is one of the most flourishing compositions we discovered in these past months.