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THE NEXT IDOL – Robert Vendetta, rocketing artist from Norway that could be easily described as some sort of a “phenomenon,” is an artist with a thick project, including a thriving release plan that will see him busy producing and releasing new music until the end of October and beyond.

A KALEIDOSCOPE OF A LIFE: lived, loved, suffered, yearned and even fought, rendered in humorously soothing music as it is biting.

The multifaceted “Jasonic” Robert Vendetta seems capable of giving maximum expression to the lights and shadows of his creative feeling, like few others.

The kind of artist fitted on taking influences from different cultures and fruitfully incorporate them in his rosy perspective, Vendetta is a complete artist under different points of view: composer, songwriter, singer, and entertainer.

His love for what he does is shown in every rivulet of his moniker, of the persona and the character he becomes on stage, when he performs for the fans he adores, to the point that his fertile inspiration brought him to re-invent the Retro-Pop genre, in which he identifies his music: as he names it, it’s the “Modern old.”

And this is exactly the thrilling atmosphere that we can breathe in his works. Clearly, there’s more than something that sounds tremendously familiar, but at the same time, the delivery is driven forward by an extremely refreshing and hooking locomotion.

With this jolt of life pervading his works, even the most recent releases certainly do not disappoint expectations. We are talking about If It’s Over, the single and the accompanying official video (find it on the Robert Vendetta YouTube channel), and the double single Without You, featuring the b-side Quiero Quedaerme Contigo, which will be accompanied by a new visual for the title track, set to be released on May 14th. No fear of going dry.

This arousing triptych of songs marks a peculiar momentum for the artist, meaningfully representative of the evolution that he is having, right here, right now. Probing inside and outside his canons, Vendetta is giving space to the light and the dark aspects of his creativity, using and manipulating them to vet his musicianship.

And here we return to his polyhedric trait, dragged into his world by that mordant vein, to the point that we are brought to think about how many muses are there, palpitating, dancing, sheltering, even scratching; all residing in that castle of many instances that is his moniker.

If It’s Over is a sweet and melancholic tune about the known and inevitable bad news, that we need to hear before we can move on. The absolute protagonist is Robert’s warm voice, dripping like molasses into our ears.

It is sensibly interlaced with the moving piano that complements the lyrics, took by the hand to create a musical cry that resonates with us on different levels.

Then the accompanying video signed by director Marius Martinsen is simple and forceful in its way of showing the emotions aroused by Robert: alone, with a piano under a dark sky, he is mimicking his feeling and using his spark to render out his soul.

Similarly, we can find the same mastery and musicianship in Without You, but here the rhythm is definitely different. It is energetic, with a positive message of friendship delivered to the listeners by the lyrics and a catchy melody blessed by a full band. It’s an excellent pedestal for Robert’s smart skills as an arranger, exquisitely coupled by Quiero Quedarme Contigo, a b-side that could stand up as single by itself. Totally in Spanish, Quiero quedarme contigo is a tribute to the Mexican culture that is so important for Robert.

If It’s Over, Without You, Quiero Quedarme Contigo – This arousing triptych of songs marks a peculiar momentum for the artist, meaningfully representative of the evolution that he is having, right here, right now.

These three pieces of work are proven proof that Robert Vendetta is the kind of complete and skilled artist capable of using different genres and different styles and distill them with the enthusiasm of an already made Idol.

Being among the most exciting artists we have discovered to date, we reached Robert Vendetta for an interview, to talk about his relationship with music, his love for the stage, and his future projects. So, keep reading to find out more!

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Interviewing Robert Vendetta

Hi Robert. Welcome to Thank you for joining us in this interview.

It’s a pleasure, thank you for having me.

Nominally “a Mariachi from Norway”, we know your moniker includes various influences from different cultures, such as the Mexican one. How do they impact your creative process?

Well in many ways they are the start of my creative processes. I’ve written a lot of songs in Mexico and Croatia. It seems when I go away to those places, I’m able to make order of the chaos in my mind, which leads to important conclusions and themes for songs. And of course, the mentality of the people has inspired me as an artist, to be more free and appreciating my work and my being as a performer and songwriter.

As a talented singer-songwriter and entertainer, your mastery of skill has developed over time. Was it more of a belching rapture or a step-by-step reasoned process?

Thank you for kind words. Well, it’s both. I’ve known since I was eleven what I wanted to do. And I’ve always wanted to get better, practice my skills. I wasn’t musically talented, but I had a talent for not giving up and keep on going, working hard at my craft. Dancing and acting out interviews in front of the mirror, playing the guitar or piano whenever I had the opportunity. Sometimes I’ve had a clear plan, like we have a plan for the release of my upcoming album. But more important than calculating a plan is listening to the heart. If it feels right, I’ll do it.

You said the stage is your second home. A rhapsody? An epiphany? What is the thrill that rises when you step on it?

Well, I feel at home on stage. Like all parts of me come together, this is what I’m meant to do. I feel whole so to speak. I love connecting with my band, but the most important part of that is connecting with the audience. When you can look into their eyes and see that they’re really enjoying themselves or that my songs mean something special to them – that means the world to me. Like once, me and the band had just finished “Miss Martinez” at a gig and there was absolute silence, and then a sigh of comfort from someone in the audience.

Do you have a special gig or a memorable event that you particularly enjoyed?

I have many. Playing for the royal family was special. Or the last gig we did at this Russian theme pub called “Perestrojka”. The place was on fire when we played, and even the owner had this look on his face saying “wow!” That night a lady came to me and said: “This might not be appropriate to say – but you’re really sexy!” I had this feeling that we all, the band, me, the audience, were all on the same team. Strangers being friends and partying in the name of music for one night.

Despite of a pandemic that has wiped out tour plans of all artists globally, you were still able to give some good times to your fans. Now that things are getting better, are you planning to reunite with them on some live events?

Of course, the question is when. I already have some gigs planned in Mexico, and maybe in Singapore. And Norway opens up, we’ll sure have gigs there. I’d love to go back to “Perestrojka!” But I won’t rush it, I’m always interested in the good gigs, that are fun to me and the audience – and I have to pay my band.

Looking at your project we can see how making music videos is not a mere gimmick to create filler content. So, what is the binding concept that relates the sound and the visual born under your hat?

A desire to do so, I guess. I’m very fortunate to have been able to work with professional people on my videos, that can bring to life my crazy ideas. For the first album we wanted to make short movies. Now it’s more about the concept of the song in the frame of a music video – that tells a story. It could be the story of the song. It could the feeling the song gives you. Or it could be a dilemma from the song. But I always try to connect the video to the song in one way or another.

Your next album, “All by His Handsome Self,” is expected to be released at the end of September. Given the premise, a wide range of emotions offered by your latest releases, what we can expect from this new release?

The guy who mixed it, Lars Erik Humborstad, said it was my best album to date. I think in terms of telling one story it’s more coherent. I decided that if I was going to make a proper concept album, I had to think of it as a musical. I had to break down the story into sections that would be illustrated in the songs, both lyrically and musically. And a story is full of emotions. So you’ll have those happy songs like “I’m going to Cancun to see you,” and those “what happened” songs like “I need to know where you are now.” And everything in between, even piano pieces!

We know you have a well-conceived and very definite program, set to release new pieces of work until the end of October. Any details you can share with our readers?

Thank you. We’ll have stuff coming out every month until late October, sometimes three times a week! Be it promo videos, music or lyrics videos, interviews, unboxings, and such. And there will be online concerts, we’re really excited about that.  All this is leading up to and beyond the release of the album “All by his handsome self” which is out September 30! So, stay tuned, there’s a lot of nice stuff coming for ya!