Released last November, “Being Myself” is a collection made up only of original songs: ballads and more Rock numbers, ranging from pop to funk, to R&B.

Among the fifteen tracks of “Being Myself“, the first one we’d like to mention is the first single extracted from it: “Never Gonna Let You Go“. The song is currently receiving airtime on the radio and being praised by critics; it is an exquisitely composed, arranged and executed track that’s capable of evoking a deep and heartfelt feeling of nostalgia. This is not a coincidence, as Rob wrote this piece after the loss of a dear friend, earlier this year.

As the title suggests, “Friend of Mine (Elton’s Epic)” is linked to the iconic star. In this song that is going to be released as a single next January, we find once again the same remarkable attention to production we felt in “Never Gonna Let You Go“, this time praiseworthy because of the delicacy and care used to create an organic and passionate song.

Rob Alexander // "Being Myself" - album cover
Rob Alexander // "Being Myself" - album cover

In the ballad “Our Love Will Last Forever” Rob impeccably takes the role of narrator of a pure, genuine and sincere love story. Beautifully sunny, thanks to his vocal performance Rob Alexander spreads the wings of that unique feeling that is love.

Thanks to the creative twists showcased in this album, Rob Alexander is also capable of giving us numbers with an engaging beat, such as the enthralling “Secrets & Lies” or the rhythmic “We’re Living in a Dream“. It’s simply impossible not to follow their pace.

With “Being Myself” Rob Alexander follows his artistic path, brilliantly opened with his debut album “Long Road Coming Home“. Once again, he does not limit himself to setting up a mere revival of old reminiscences. Rather, he defines his vibrant musical vision even more characteristically with each album.

Rob Alexander // "Friend of Mine (Elton's Epic)" - single cover
Rob Alexander // "Friend of Mine (Elton's Epic)" - single cover

Although based on the familiar sounds of the most typical music of the ’80s, the sound of “Being Myself” is engaging and characteristic, and allows Rob to make his musical delivery even more distinctive. This is something he had already started doing with his debut album, and this release makes it all even more profound, detailed, relevant and pervasive.

Recorded in Los Angeles, “Being Myself” is produced by Gabe Lopez, a producer who had already collaborated with Rob Alexander on his debut album.

The coherence, the organicity and the clarity in the vision of what musical delivery this album wants to offer, are so well realized it’s disarming.

These are evidences we find in the care put forward not only in Rob’s vocal performance, but also in the construction of the arrangements and in the mastery put into managing the layers of sounds, instruments and backing vocals.

Although very different from each other, “I-O-U” and “Another Love Affair” are two obvious examples of how the sum of all these elements can really elevate the way a song plays to excellence.

With about an hour of music, “Being Myself” is a beautifully made album, using which Rob Alexander satisfies us while exploring feelings and sensations in an expressive and emotional way, as seen through the colors of the ’80s and the richness of the most contemporary vibrations .

Listen now to “Being Myself“, the new album by Rob Alexander, available on Spotify [ here ] and Hearnow [ here ].
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Rob Alexander
Rob Alexander