Rkham’s latest project is a collaborative hip-hop mix-tape created with his brother, fellow artist Connor. Here Rkham continues to give more and more definition to the direction he is going in, bringing a series of compelling and modern pieces to the table.

His latest ‘Welcome To Forever’ is a a slice of his distinctive style, ranging from whispered timbres to winning beats, to a soft flow and layering and weaves of backing vocals, cementing those elements of inspiration that draw from his heritage that include unexpected veils or calls and intrusions from pop music.

‘Welcome To Forever’ presents a musical aesthetic that balances itself between the romantic and the melancholic, focusing on memories of the past and tense expectations for the future. Between nostalgic and inspired, Rkham’s work immerses us in atmospheres that recall our childhood, while we are taken to continue our journey of growth in our lives.

Among smoky tones that enhance that sense of reminiscence, Rkham ignites glowing calls that take the intimate vein of those tiny memories, and broadens them in his narration, giving the entire release the right forward-leaning exploratory vision, but without ever distorting that touch of delicacy that defines and characterizes the whole album.

From the round highlights of ‘Rest of Our Lives (feat. Connor)’, to the more incisive but unobtrusive percussions of ‘All I Know (feat. Xavion)’ to the deeper darkness of ‘BiPoLar’, Rkham does not spare himself in giving life to his creativity.

With ‘WorldWide (feat. Connor)’ the artist seems to outdo himself, thanks to the intelligence with which he chooses and mixes samples and beats, creating a compelling and amazing gem set among other gems.

Around this point it seems Rkham has found an even more advanced and evolved interpretation of the album theme. Here, then, he surprises us once more with the delicate touch and sense of wonder of ‘Cotton Candy (feat. Connor)’, creating the right bridge to introduce us to the ending that is ‘Til’ You Made a Way ‘.

With a sort of sum of all things, the last track is the last ring that closes the chain, in which the whole album finds its synthesis and projection.

Listen now to ‘Welcome To Foverev’, the latest album from Rkham, available for streaming on your preferred digital platform, via Distrokid Hyperfollow link

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Rkham - Welcome to Forever - single cover
Rkham - Welcome to Forever - single cover