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Dark hues, a deep passion for the piano, and a candid voice that rises from shadowy realms. The brand new work of Ukrainian artist Rita Shamrakova is the single titled Demons.

The new work signed by Rita Shamrakova is governed by the internal struggle of her creative flair aimed at experiencing the difficult emotions that adorn the inner psyche.

We are talking about the single titled Demons, a song released by the artist, which is now based in New York, where she produces and releases her music independently.

The piece blends with the styles of dark pop and the smokiest grunge, while the nakedness of the piano and the organ give the listening experience an unadorned sense of compliant minimalism.

Rita defines her new song as something scary, and it is, therefore, no coincidence that the most refined listeners will be able to find elements in common with the genesis of the Dark movement of the 70s and surrounding areas.

But it’s clear that Shamrakova certainly doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel here. Her Demons speak clearly.

Listen now to Demons, the latest Single by Rita Shamrakova, available in streaming on all major digital platforms.

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