Rios // I'll See My Baby Again - single cover

The Miami based alt-country artist Rios puts a modern spin on the classic murder ballad, releasing his brand-new western single ‘I’ll See My Baby Again’.

Embracing an eclectic sound, with this new release Rios brings some key elements from the past decades, and rivets them to a contemporary western scenario, turning old country music tropes into something new.

Moved by twangy guitars and a storytelling tone, with ‘I’ll See My Baby Again’ Rios bursts with bravado and regret, while unfolding a tragic story about heartbreak, deception, and violence, depicting a compelling tale like in the best tradition of western movies.

An impassioned release, ‘I’ll See My Baby Again’ is a relatable and engaging number, with which Rios doesn’t miss to remind us how bad a love affair can go when passion gets the best of people.

Listen now to ‘I’ll See My Baby Again’, the latest single from Rios, and find out more about his music, checking the links below: